Client Relations

My interactions with my clients are business casual and friendly. I explain every step of the process, as well as any clarifications and costs.

High End

My projects are extremely well optimized and well documented. My codebases are extremely clean, well maintained, and private.


Constant support and updates are provided to all my clients. Never be left in the dark by your developer again.

Check out my projects!

Available on Github as well as live and deployed.

Who am I?

I'm a male born on the East Coast of the United States. I'm located in the Eastern Time Zone, and I run my endeavors from New York City. My main languages are Rust, Python, and C++, however I am not limited to just these 3. I have experience in far more languages.

"Sanjay K"
Developer; Visionary; Fashionista

Get in contact!

Open to internships and paid projects. Please do not contact me unless you have a paid project or are offering an internship.

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